Why You Need Travel Insurance



Can you imagine anything worse than finding yourself stranded in a foreign country, helpless and with a quickly escalating medical emergency? What do you do? How much is it going to cost? Are you going to miss your flight? Covering all of your bases with a comprehensive travel insurance plan is your first line of defence and the ultimate protection from the unpredictable and unknown troubles that you could potentially encounter abroad.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing insurance you really need to weigh the risk versus reward. Nobody likes to think of the worst happening but in this day and age, it’s irresponsible not to protect yourself and your family.

Everyday life is random and unpredictable and that multiplies tenfold when you leave your comfort zone. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a pleasant cruise down the canals of Venice or scaling Mount Everest - the unknown can strike any place, any time.

It’s not only unfortunate medical emergencies that you need to worry about; a broad range of issues can threaten to derail your travel plans. Lost luggage, theft and transportation cancellations can be a common occurrence. The good news is that your insurance can help you out in these tricky situations. Would you rather have personal and financial support in the face of a problem? Or be left alone, scrambling to figure it out yourself?

There are a variety of insurance options available for you to choose from. It’s all about identifying your travel plans and then selecting the most appropriate level of coverage. We provide options for the traveller, not the tourist. We know that people like to get out there and get their hands dirty on an adventure and we’re happy to offer options for all levels of your extreme travelling plans.

The best way to think about it is like this: for every person out there that doesn’t think they need travel insurance, there’s someone else with a horror story of an overseas ordeal that could have benefitted from the assistance and support provided by insurance coverage.