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The Wanderer policy is a great cover for the budget conscious traveller as it covers you for all the absolute essentials. The Wanderer protects you for the most important things like unlimited overseas emergency medical assistance plus unlimited hospital expenses as well as personal liability. You can travel safely knowing that if a medical emergency happens, you’ll be fully covered.

Wanderer Policy Limits


Single1 Family1
Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance Unlimited Unlimited
Overseas Emergency Medical and Hospital Expenses Unlimited Unlimited
Overseas Emergency Dental Expenses $500 $500
Additional Accommodation & Travel Expenses3 $5,000 $10,000
Family Emergency3 $5,000 $10,000
Return Airfare $0 $0
Resumption of Journey $0 $0

 Hospital Cash Allowance




Luggage and Personal Items Single1 Family1
Travel Documents, Credit Cards and Travellers Cheques $0 $0
 Theft of Cash $0 $0
 Luggage and Personal Effects $0 $0
 Luggage and Personal Effects Delay Expenses $0 $0


Cancellation and delay single1 family1
Cancellation Fees and Lost Deposits3 $0 $0
 Travel Delay Expenses $0 $0
Alternative Transport Expenses $0 $0


other single1 Family1
Personal Liability $1,000,000 $1,000,000



1 For single and family cover - these are the maximum amounts we will pay for all claims under each section, regardless of the number of people who claim.
3 If you claim for the same or similar cancelled services/facilities or alternative arrangements under sections 3, 3a, and 11, we will only pay the higher of the two amounts, not both.