Five of the Strangest Bars in the World



Flights and travel insurance booked? Check. When you land in a foreign country the first thing you may want to do - if you’re not completely sleep deprived from a long flight - is get out on the town, soak up some of the culture and experience the nightlife with a drink. If you want a relaxed, peaceful experience, these bars might not be for you. Prepare to take the notion of having a drink in a bar to a whole new level.

Kayabukiya Tavern, Japan

Kayabukiya Tavern is an hour outside Tokyo and has a little bit of a different twist to other bars in Japan. Waiters are replaced by monkeys. That’s right. The tavern became a minor internet sensation when news of this oddity spread and now hosts a variety of travellers, curious to see trained monkeys take drink orders and carry food. Booking is essential as the monkeys are only allowed by law to work for two hours a day.

Giger Bar, Switzerland

This is a uniquely themed bar, based on the designs of H.R Giger - most notably his work on the Alien film franchise. Film buff travellers get a real kick out of the Alien-inspired aesthetics and futuristic visuals. High-backed chairs and spaceship-styled furniture adorns the bar which is in the process of becoming its own franchise - soon to spread to New York City.

The Red Sea Star, Israel

This is one of the world’s most unique and unusual places to eat and have a drink. Located six meters below sea level and offering amazing 360 degree panoramic coral views, this is an absolute must see if travelling in Israel. Enjoy perfect vistas by day or experience the world’s only night-time underwater lookout.

Clinic Bar, Singapore

Here’s a bar with a difference. The bar is designed in the style of a hospital with refurbished materials for furniture. Be seated in a re-purposed wheelchair or hospital bed. Enjoy drinks from an IV drip or syringe. If it sounds weird, it is! Embrace the bizarre experience.

Das Klo Bar, Germany

Not the environment for a quiet night. Like something out of an Indiana Jones adventure, you’ll be sprayed with water upon arrival, be attacked by sudden swinging objects, have a house of horrors leaping out at any moment and be served curious drinks and foods in a variety of different ways. Not just a night out - a thrill ride. Buckle up and enjoy the bumpy ride.

There are things you need to plan when you travel, flights and travel insurance obviously, but you don’t always want to plan where to go and what to see, you want to discover. These strange, offbeat bars are the exception - plan for them and seek them out where you can!