Conquering Nervous Flying



You’ve paid for your transport, the dreaded inoculations, and travel insurance - there’s only one thing left to do - survive the flight. Millions of people all over the world have a terrible fear of flying. The good news is there are a variety of tips and tricks you can utilise to hopefully make it a smoother experience.

Arrive Early

Getting to the airport with time to spare will alleviate some of the stress that comes with fearing you may miss your flight. If you’re in the airport environment for an extended period - with its bustling activity and many other passengers probably feeling the same as you - you may find yourself becoming more at ease.

Bring something familiar

Listening to your favourite music is a great way to relax and feel comfortable. Another solution is to bring along a book that you have read before - or even better, are halfway through - this creates a familiarity and comfort zone that will hopefully assist you in putting the flight out of your mind.

Ask for support

Whether you travel with a partner or alone, you can always ask for support. Don’t be afraid to let the flight attendants or a fellow passenger know that you’re an anxious flyer. This way, at least you’re not silently battling through it alone and you can hopefully rely on friendly, supportive people around you that understand your plight.

Avoid Alcohol

Many people think a few drinks will settle their nerves. When you’re on an aeroplane, all this does is make it harder for your body to properly adjust - and you’re in for a more acute hangover!


Have a working understanding of the aeroplane sounds you are likely to hear. For a lot of anxious flyers, the weird sounds of the plane and expecting the worst put them on edge. Knowing what to expect takes the worry out of these noises.

Check the weather

Turbulence happens all the time. Having some idea of the current weather conditions will also help you feel more comfortable. If you know that there’s a little rough weather on the way, you’re less likely to be startled when it occurs.

With all of this in mind you’ll be ready to tackle your next flight. Just remember your travel insurance; the last thing you want to deal with after successfully conquering anxiety is the hassle of lost luggage. It can, and unfortunately, does happen!