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Choosing the Perfect Travelling Backpack

Having the right backpack and travel equipment can be the difference between and enjoyable trip or uncomfortable one. Find out more here.


Conquering Nervous Flying

The fear of flying is a common fear amongst many people. We've listed some tips and advice to help you conquer your fear and make your trip far more enjoyable


Five of the Strangest Bars in the World

We talk about five of the strangest and most interesting bars you can find around the world.



The Frightening & Bizarre - Destinations for the Brave Traveller

There are some frightening and bizarre places around the world. Warning- not for the faint hearted.


Why I’ll Never Let a Mortgage Stop Me from Travelling Again

How having a mortgage stopped Vanessa from travelling, and why she will never let it happen again.

Times Square

Behind Every Great Adventurer is Travel Insurance

Even the most seasoned and adventurous travellers need travel insurance. Find out more here.



Be Prepared for your Trek

heading on an adventure of a lifetime? Be prepared for anything with our helpful tips and info here.


Avoiding Traveller Scams around the World

Some quick tips and helpful information on avoiding scammers on your next trip away can be found here.


How to Kick Jet-Lag’s Butt

Some quick tips and helpful information to minimise jetlag to ensure your next journey overseas goes as smoothly as possible.



Important Health Tips For Travelling

Find important health tricks to ensure you're next holiday is as healthy, fun and safe as it could be here.


The When, What and How Travel Insurance

Some quick tips on when to buy travel insurance and what policy you should purchase can be found here.


Why You Need Travel Insurance

We explain why you need to get insurance before you take off for your trip. Not only will we cover medical cover but we also have protection for your personal items as well.



An Idiot’s Guide to Surviving Bali

Most accidents and injuries that occur in Bali are completely avoidable. Don't become a statistic, use your commonsense in Bali to come home safe


Are AirBnb’s the new hostel?

Airbnb's offer a great alternative to staying in a shared hostel dorm. But is the risk worth the reward?


What to Pack to Survive a Hostel

Packing a few essential items can make your hostel stay far more enjoyable. Follow our tips here.



How to NOT Get Pickpocketed in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country, however it has a high pickpocket crime rate. Here's some tips to avoid becoming a victim.


What to Pack for a Month in Europe

Looking good in your online photos is hard. Check out our tips for packing to make you the envy of your facebook friends.


Deal Sites

Would you use deal sites to book your next holiday? We discuss whether the benefits outweigh the risks here.



When Everything that Can Go Wrong- Does!

Sometimes things just don't go to plan. Vanessa shares her experience of a day that really tested her in Thailand.


Cheaper Flights

All the tips and inside tricks to find cheaper, more affordable flights for your next journey here.


Budgeting for A Road Trip in NZ

Helpful information and tips for budgeting for a road trip through beautiful New Zealand.



Magical Mexico

From its spectacular landscape, mouth watering food to the beautiful people who reside there- Vanessa takes you through travelling in Mexico.


When did we Lose the Wonder of Flight?

Catching a flight used to be exciting. When did we lose the wonder of flight?.


Staying Healthy While Travelling

Learn how to sustain a healthy lifestyle even whilst travelling. Tips for exercising and balanced eating even on the other side of the world.



Thailand - Land of Smiles and Scams

Thailand is a beautiful country but is also full of scams. Learn to travel wise and avoid becoming a victim here.


Before You Go

Find a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to organise before your next adventure here.


Travelling with Your Partner

Travelling with your partner can either make or break a relationship- Follow our tips to ensure your relationship survives your next overseas trip.




Kelly shares her experience travelling through the vast and diverse South Africa for a 19 day trek of a lifetime


Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the pinnacle of night life, gambling and Elvis impersonators. But sometimes things don’t always go to plan.



From the secluded jungle of Mulu to the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offers beautiful sunsets and warm weather year round…




Flying into Kathmandu the mist covered the tips of mountains that were scattered with small houses…


Saving for Overseas

Overseas adventures don’t have to out be of reach- no matter what your budget is. Learn tricks and tips to be able to afford the trip you’ve been daydreaming about.


Hostel Etiquette

Hostels are a great stay alternative for the budget conscious traveller… Here’s some tips and info to ensure it all goes smoothly.



Be A Traveller

There’s a major difference between being a tourist and a traveller. Which are you?