Travel Insurance - Important Information

We're not currently selling travel insurance policies

Due to the ongoing changes within the travel industry, itrek is no longer selling insurance products. We wish all our valued customers the very best on their future adventures! If you are looking for a travel insurance policy and are travelling for a period of less than 12 months you may be eligible for cover through our sister brand 1Cover.





‚ÄčAre you not sure about something? We have pulled together our most commonly asked questions about purchasing a policy, policy details, and medical. If you don't find the answer to your question, drop us a line at or phone our call centre on 1300 884 430.

The answers below are a brief summary. Be sure to read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to understand what is and isn't covered.




  • How long does it take to apply for a cover?
  • This can be done over the phone or on the internet in about five minutes with a Visa or Mastercard.


  • When do I receive confirmation that I'm covered?
  • As soon as you process the payment, you'll receive an automatic email to the address you nominated.
    That is your policy certificate which is proof of your cover.


  • How soon do I get my itrek travel insurance?
  • Your policy is generated as soon as your payment is processed.


  • I have purchased a policy and haven't received an email yet.
  • Give us a call with your policy number and we will confirm your email address and e-mail the policy certificate again for you.


  • How do I pay if I don't have a credit card?
  • You're able to pay by direct deposit, cheque, bank cheque or Australia Post money order.
    If you choose to do this, please contact our sales department first at 1300 884 430.


  • Can I purchase a policy if I've already left Australia?
  • No, you cannot purchase a policy after you have left Australia.



  • Can I go on the same policy as someone else who isn't related to me?
  • Yes! You don't need to be related to your travelling companion. You don't even have to live at the same address.


  • Do you cover rental vehicle excess?
  • Yes, we do, under all policies except for Essentials and Medical Only. 


  • I'm having a stop-over outside of my selected destination. Is this covered?
  • When you apply for the Policy you need to tell us where you are travelling to. The premium you pay for the Policy depends on your destination/s.
    The Policy only covers loss injury or illness which occurs in the countries you have told us you will visit; however all stopovers of up to 2 nights in countries other than the USA are also covered.
    NB. We'll cover you for stopovers in the USA if you also nominate USA as a destination when you apply for cover.
    Cruises: If you're going on a cruise, you must tell us every country the ship will visit. You will not be covered in countries you have not told us about.
    Travellers on domestic cruises in Australian Waters may also purchase Comprehensive plan to ensure cover is available for emergency medical assistance and emergency medical and hospital expenses.


  • What sporting activities are covered?
  • We cover a wide range of sporting activities. Check the PDS for details. 


  • Do you cover for terrorism?
  • In the event of an act or threat of terrorism, there is no cover under the following sections:
    Section 3.1 - Interuption Costs Of Your Journey
    Section 3.3 - Cancellation Fees & Lost Deposits
    Section 3.5 - Travel Delay
    Section 3.6 - Alternative Transport Expenses
    Cover is available under all plans for all necessary medical/hospital expenses, including bringing you Home, unless you are travelling in Australia.


  • There are government warnings against the country I'm travelling to, am I covered?
  • You'll need to check the smart traveller website for travel advice. If a country is listed as "do not travel" we will not provide cover if you to travel to this country and your claim arises because you did not follow advice in the mass media or any government or other official body's warning against travel to a particular country or parts of a country. If the country is listed as anything other than "do not travel" and during your journey it changes to "do not travel", we will provide cover for you to be brought home. Please contact us if you're unsure on this subject.




  • Do you cover for pre-existing medical conditions?
  • All the details about pre-existing medical conditions can be found here.