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Family Insurance

Families come in all shapes in sizes. As travellers, you are likely to find them in all of the world's crevices - some are adventure enthusiasts, hiking the mountains of Nepal, while others prefer the creature comforts that a beach-side resort has to offer. Whatever type of travel your family prefers, one shared interest of all parents on a holiday is the safety of their children. Travel insurance for families, therefore, is a key ingredient to a happy holiday.

itrek's travel insurance policies are ideal for all types of travelling families. Kids under 21 are covered free on a family policy - you'd be crazy not to take us up on this offer!

Free travel insurance for kids!

When you purchase itrek's family travel insurance policy, children under 21 who are travelling with you for the duration of your trip and, who have been listed on the policy, are covered at no extra cost. This is a significant saving - why not spend the extra cash on your holiday? Peace of mind need not wear an expensive price tag. Itrek offers cheap family travel insurance, with a range of cover for you to choose from. Get a quote now in seconds and see for yourself

Four different levels of cover

Itrek offers four different levels of cover perfect for families on a budget and those looking to fully cover themselves and their children from the unexpected. Consider your needs as a family - are you looking for basic medical cover only? Or do you require a comprehensive travel insurance policy that takes care of a broader range of incidences, from lost luggage to cancellations and car rental excess?

Family Policy Benefits vary depending on which level of cover you choose.

As a rule of thumb, must have family travel insurance benefits should include unlimited overseas medical and hospital expenses and emergency assistance as standard with all policies, cash in hospital and emergency expenses, lost or stolen credit cards, cash, documents, traveller's cheques, luggage and personal possessions, delayed luggage, journey resumption, personal liability and more.

Some of these benefits you might have opted to go without if you were going solo and travelling cheap and light but with a family everything takes on a new perspective.

Travel regularly?

Are you and your family frequent travellers? Cheap family travel is still an option. Save your money with one of itrek's Annual Insurance Policies .

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