Travel Insurance - Important Information

We're not currently selling travel insurance policies

Due to the ongoing changes within the travel industry, itrek is no longer selling insurance products. We wish all our valued customers the very best on their future adventures! If you are looking for a travel insurance policy and are travelling for a period of less than 12 months you may be eligible for cover through our sister brand 1Cover.





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Budgeting for A Road Trip in New Zealand

Helpful information and tips for budgeting for a road trip through beautiful New Zealand.


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When should I buy travel insurance?

Some quick tips on when to buy travel insurance and which policy to consider can be found here.

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Travelling with Your Partner

Travelling with your partner can either make or break a relationship. Follow our tips to ensure your relationship survives your next overseas trip.



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Be A Traveller

There’s a major difference between being a tourist and a traveller. Which are you?


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Saving for Overseas

Overseas adventures don’t have to out be of reach, no matter what your budget is. Learn tricks and tips to be able to afford the trip you’ve been daydreaming about.


Hostel Etiquette

Hostels are a great stay alternative for the budget conscious traveller… Here’s some tips and info to ensure it all goes smoothly.