Backpacker Travel Insurance



Backpacker and adventure travel insurance looks after those suffering from serious wanderlust but want to travel the world on a budget. Backpacking is often a cheap holiday or adventure for travellers, but where travel insurance is concerned, a cheap, competitive price should not compromise quality.

Itrek offers great value adventure travel insurance with different levels of cover. At a bare minimum , itrek will cover unlimited hospital and medical expenses, and emergency dental to $500.

itrek's policies can cover a range of activities to ensure you can enjoy your adventure or backpacking holiday knowing you are covered.

We strongly recommend you have insurance in place especially when you want to partake in a range of leisure activities overseas. In the unlikely event you were to have an accident, it is essential you have a cover in place as medical attention in many countries can be very expensive.

Please refer to our PDS (Previous PDS) for a full list of exclusions for activities that are not covered with your itrek policy.

The Wanderer policy is a great cover for the budget conscious traveller. It'll protect you for unlimited overseas emergency medical assistance plus unlimited hospital expenses as well as personal liability. This is often a great choice for those who are backpacking or going on an adventure holiday as most backpackers pack lightly, so concerns about lost luggage are less of a priority.

However, those carrying an expensive camera in their backpack should consider extra cover for luggage and personal effects (check out our Adventurer or Pioneer policy). A picture can say a thousand words, and for that little bit extra, you could end up saving yourself a whole lot of heartache if your camera is stolen. What we can't return to you is a stolen memory card so be sure to carry a USB or external drive to house your pictures on - download as you go to avoid the possibility of losing precious traveller memories.

Before purchasing your policy, consider your needs and the needs of those travelling with you. Itrek's backpacker insurance caters for every type of traveller - choose the level of cover that is right for you so you don't end up spending extra money on benefits that you don't really need.

Buy Travel Insurance Online with multiple Backpacker and Adventure travel cover options

  • Unlimited overseas emergency assistance, medical and hospital expenses
  • Emergency dental to $500
  • Repatriation of remains up to $15,000
  • Cash in hospital, and up to $5,000 emergency expenses
  • We provide 24/7 contact and assistance, hospital case management, lost passport assistance, updates to those back home and more.

4 Different Levels of Cover

Itrek offers 4 different levels of cover. For a little extra, backpackers are covered for a whole lot more on their holiday.

Itrek's Trekker, Adventurer and Pioneer policies are worth considering. Backpacking is definitely cheap but often travellers are exposed to additional risks. Do you trust the person sleeping next to you in the dorm? Will eating street food make you ill and keep you bed-ridden for days? And what about cancellations and lost deposits for when/if travel plans change? What risks are you willing to take?

Consider the long term and short term benefits of saving money on a minimal cover policy versus comprehensive cover. Saving money today could cost you later on, depending on the type of traveller you are and the situations you are likely to find yourself in.