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We Cover Bungee Jumping

We Cover Bungee Jumping

If you want to go bungee jumping, abseiling or zorbing who are we to call you crazy? We’ll even insure you. We cover a range of activities for the adventure traveller. Please refer to our PDS for a full list of exclusions.

We Get Travellers

We Get Travellers

A traveller is someone who wants to experience the culture of a country, not just the popular tourist destinations. Whether its taking off solo like it aint no thing, heading to Albany instead of France or always eating local, we know what being a traveller not a tourist is all about. .

We Are Aussies

We Are Aussies

We might not answer the phone with “G’day Mate” or call you a “flamin’ galah” but itrek is a local Aussie company. In fact you can pop into our Sydney office anytime. When you call our customer care team you are also talking to an employee of itrek in our local office and not being transferred to a call centre overseas.

We are Full of Fun Facts

We are Full of Fun Facts

Did you know it’s illegal to slam a car door in Switzerland, seduce a porcupine in Florida or bring a bear to the beach in Israel? We thought we should warn you beforehand …… Step away from that porcupine!

We Get You

We Get You

We get you because we are just as passionate about travelling as you are. We talk the talk, even though our Spanish is still pretty terrible, and walk the walk (by walk we mean hike and our last hike to Nepal was pretty rad). Let’s compare travel stories!

We Want To Socialise with You

We Want To Socialise with You

We never get bored with your travel photos and stories even if your friends do. Get social with us via Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter. We can’t wait to hear about your latest adventure!

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